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 Welcome to Cloud Dental

Welcome to our Cloud Dental Center’s website. We have been around for more than 15 years now. We have moved from our facility located on Catherine Street in St. Albans City to a new and modern building in Saint Albans town. You can now find us on Old Orchard Road. After many years of work and effort, we are now ready to present you the destination for your dental care in Franklin County: Cloud Dental Center.

Easy to find, Cloud Dental Center is located just behind Vermont Federal Credit Union, next to the previous building of Energizer. Multiple parking spots are available for our patients. Our spacious and modern environment is equipped with useful dental technologies. Come visit us!

Our office strive to provide excellent dental care and to guide you through all the process. We find important to excel in dentistry and our dentists prove their passion by being able to do multiples complex treatments. This includes impacted wisdom teeth extractions with Intravenous sedation. It means you can have your teeth out without remembering being in the dentist’s chair. You will feel extremely relaxed and will not care about getting your teeth pulled. Don’t you like this idea? Removing teeth is done routinely at our dental office. Don’t go anywhere else! We also have the dexterity to do bone graft, Invisalign and braces to straighten you teeth (orthodontics). As long as we know we can offer you the best, our goal is to treat our patient in office at the same standard as specialists.

We do perform common dental procedures such as preventative care, fillings, root canals, crowns, periodontal treatments. However, our website will focus on giving you more informations about extra skills our dentists has developed throughout the years. From braces to laughing gas (nitrous oxide) If you are interested in knowing our specifics skills and services, please visit the “services & technologies” section.

If you wish to have a dental office for you and your whole family, we are the office your are looking for. We want to be your only place to go for your dental care.

Because we continuously do training to get better, we know more, we do more and we can guide you better. We love dentistry and we believe that it is important that you understand your needs before proceeding to any treatment. When you really understand the benefits, you know what is good for you and you will make better decisions.

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Our Specialities

Sedation Dentistry

Orthodontics – Invisalign

Kids Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Proudly serving the Northern Vermont community for more than 18 years.

Dr Remy Vallee

About Our Practice

Cloud Dental is a dental clinic located in St. Albans Vermont. We offer General & Preventative dentistry for adults and kids. We also specialize in Sedation Dentistry, Wisdom Tooth Removal and Orthodontics Services.

Contact Info

57 Old Orchard, St Albans City, VT 05478

Phone: 802.524.0346