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Cost of surgery depends on the degree of difficulty and the positioning of the teeth in the bone structure. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth can be either extremely difficult or relatively straightforward and easy. To determine the degree of difficulty, at Saint Albans Cloud Dental Center, we will examine the patient and the radiography methodically.

Accessibility will be our first factor to determine the difficulty. Second factor will be the position of the wisdom teeth to predict whether any extraordinary surgical approaches will be necessary or if the patient will encounter any postoperative problems.

To determine the difficulty of the case, a panoramic radiograph will be used. Cloud Dental Center near Burlington, will use a classification system to determine the difficulty level of the case.

We employ a system to measure the angulation of the wisdom teeth, the relationship to the anterior border the ramus, the relationship to the occlusal plane, the root morphology, the relationship to the inferior alveolar nerve, and the nature of overlying tissue. Patient age is another factor to consider. This system classifies factors that will help determine whether the wisdom teeth removal will be easier or more difficult.

Insurance companies rely on this system and classify the cost with three types of classification of impactions: soft tissue impaction, partially bony impaction, and completely boney impaction. We all also have another code for difficult and completely boney impaction. This classification is used extensively by insurance.

It frequently has no relationship to the difficulty of the extraction. The parameters of angulation, ramus relationship, root morphology, and patient age are more important than this classification.

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