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Other techniques of pharmacosedation can be performed at cloud dental center. Two of the more useful pharmacosedative techniques other than IV sedation are inhalation of nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Each of these can prove to be quite effective within the practice of dentistry for the management of pain, fear, and anxiety.

The oral route is the oldest route of drug administration and still the most commonly used. It is also the most economic and convenient method of drug administration. The oral route may be used quite effectively in dentistry for the reduction of stress before or during dental treatment and as a means of managing pre-op and post-op discomfort.

Although other routes of drug administration may be more reliable and more effective in producing a desired clinical effect. Because of inherent difficulties attendant in achieving precise levels of sedation, it is recommended that only minimal to moderate levels of sedation be sought by the oral route.

Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide is one of the most valuable sedative techniques available for use in children. The range of procedures in which the use of this techniques is appropriate is unlimited. The indications for inhalation sedation in children are the same as those in adults. We can combine nitrous oxide and oral sedation to be more effective to treat anxiety and fear for our patients. Other potentially valuable routes of drug administration are intramuscular (IM), intranasal (IN) and sublingual.

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