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Invisalign trays allow you to remove them when you eat. Make sure you put your trays in their box while you eat so you don’t forget them on the table or accidentally throw them away. It’s important to remember that the optimal amount of hours per day to wear your Invisalign trays is 22 hours. The longer they stay in your mouth, the more opportunity they have to stimulate the appropriate movements. Your cooperation and dedication is of upmost importance to avoid delays in your treatment.

Patients must know that water is the only liquid you can drink while having the trays in their mouths. Any type of sweet drinks such as soda, juice, coffee, sports drinks, energy drinks or even tea are totally forbidden while having the trays in their mouths. The liquid will sit in the tray and can cause severe decay. Don’t forget, you want more than straight teeth, you also want a healthy smile.

Hygiene is no longer an issue with Invisalign as you can brush and floss like you normally do. The trays are removable to permit perfect control of your hygiene. There is no more reason for inflamed gums or white spots around the brackets as Invisalign will make your hygiene a lot easier.

Don’t forget that even during orthodontic treatment, it is important to do your 6 month check-up appointments. Seeing your dentist for follow-up appointments with Invisalign, does not replace the need for a cleaning.

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