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In order to plan your treatment with Invisalign, you will get your teeth scanned with the latest technology available from Invisalign called Itero. The Itero machine will do a replica of your teeth in 3D. You will be able to visualize your teeth right away and notice the current problems you have. You will be able to see your teeth like you have never seen them before as you can now judge them at different angles.

The scanner we use will then be able to do an “on the spot” simulation of the type of result we expect you to have after your Invisalign treatment. To visualize the outcome of your treatment is definitely more encouraging and interesting. Being able to see, gives you a better understanding of your need.

The scan is processed and sent to the Invisalign technician in Costa Rica. Your dentist will then receive a proposal of treatment to align your teeth. The dentist will evaluate the treatment plan proposed by Invisalign, make sure it is realistic, and make their own corrections. Then, they have the technician do the adjustments until the final result meets their expectations.

At Cloud Dental Center, we always do a full orthodontic analysis along with the scan which includes: photos, orthodontic exam, cephalometric X-rays, a panoramic X-ray, full study of the positioning of your jaw AND teeth, and much more. This allows us to make a good diagnosis, give you all of your options and to maximize the utilization of Invisalign for our patients.

Once Dr. Manh and Dr. Vallee have made the corrections needed for an optimal result, the trays are then custom made by Invisalign and shipped to our office. Whether you are from Burlington, Saint Albans, or any other place in Vermont, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation about Invisalign.

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