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The onset of action of intravenously (IV) administered drugs is inarguably the most rapid onset action of all techniques. Hand-Heart-Brain circulation time is approximately 20-25 seconds, although some individual variations exist in this and in the onset of action for different drugs.

Because of the rapid onset of action of most IV administered drugs, The drugs dosage can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient.

The guesswork associated with determining proper drugs of an orally, intranasally, or intramuscularly administered drug is eliminated when the IV route is used. This concept of individualizing drug dosages is termed Titration and represents one of the most important safety features associated with IV drug administration.

The recovery period for the most IV administered drugs is significantly shorter than other sedation, except nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation sedation, although the recovery is not complete at the end of the dental procedures.

In the continuous IV infusion sedation, a portal exists for the administration of any rescue drugs that may be required in the unlikely event an emergency arises during IV therapy. IV administered drugs that we use can be reversed by specific drug antagonists.

The side effects of nausea and vomiting are extremely uncommon when drugs are administered intravenously, as Recommended.

Patients receiving IV moderate sedation rarely experience difficulty with gagging. NO GAG REFLEX. Many of the drugs administered IV for sedation, effectively diminish motor disturbances like seizure activity, making this route advantageous for the SEIZURE-PRONE PATIENT.

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