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Early removal reduces the post-operative mobility and allows for the best healing. Younger patients tolerate the procedure better and recover more quickly and with less interference to their daily lives. Periodontal healing is better in the younger patients because there is better and more complete regeneration of the bone and better reattachment of gingival tissue to the adjacent tooth. Moreover, the treatment is easier to perform in younger patients.

The ideal time for removal if wisdom teeth are impacted, is before the roots of the teeth are formed completely, usually during the late teenage years between 15 and 20 years old, so this way we can minimize the risk of nerve injuries.

if impacted wisdom teeth are left in the alveolar bone, it is highly probable that one or more of a number of problems could result. At Cloud Dental Center close to Burlington, we will prevent this. Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed.

Example of consequences not removing your wisdom teeth

Here are some examples of real patients seen at our office that have not removed their wisdom teeth when it was time to remove their 3rd molars (wisdom teeth):

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