Teenager or adult? Is invisalign suitable for me? 2018-01-07T16:46:49-05:00


Just like regular braces, there is no age restriction to do Invisalign. It is crucial that you undergo a full orthodontic evaluation prior to the movement of any teeth. During that evaluation, we will assess the growth, bone, jaws, gum tissue, and many other factors that could possibly have an impact on your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign for a teen is absolutely a possibility. The most significant difference between a teenager and an adult is the facial growth. We can use this growth in order to correct some problems your child is facing prior to undergoing Invisalign treatment.

Sometimes, some appliances are needed prior to Invisalign (this is very similar to a phase 1 orthodontic treatment, see attached link). You want to correct the size and position of the jaw prior to your Invisalign treatment. We then will use Invisalign to align your teeth. We understand that as a teen, your appearance and social acceptance is very important. We use the clear trays because they don’t show as much as conventional braces and are a lot easier for hygiene.

Invisalign for adults is gaining more and more in popularity. For some, conventional braces are not something they like. You may find it unappealing to have a “metal smile”. For others, they do not want to affect their image while working with the public. Some adults also have a relapse from previous orthodontic treatment, which happens quite frequently, and they would like to do some “touch up” so they can recover the smile they desire. For any of these reasons, Invisalign is definitely a suitable option for adults.

With your busy schedule, it is also easier and faster to maintain good hygiene using Invisalign. Schedule your appointment with Cloud Dental Center in St. Albans to have the right advice for your Invisalign treatment. We will be more than happy to help you make the best choice.

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